Gebr. Maas & Son was created when brothers Wim & Cor Maas were 13 and 11 years old. First at their parental home under the name Gebr. Maas. Wim then started at the age of 19 as a trader in the sale of garden plants. As time went on, new lofts were placed at the new location (and still the current one) and participation in the sprint, middle distance and one-day long distance flights were participated in. Because Wim follows the pigeon sport on the weekends because of the busy work at the business, Cor is the caretaker of the pigeons, as Cor puts it:: I have been able to turn my hobby into a profession at a young age which is a dream! The Gebr. Maas team won many victories and championships in the sprint, middle distance and one day long distance races in the department and the ZNB.

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